Fans say Salman Khan goes too far in his criticism of the housemates in Bigg Boss 14

In one of the most recent episodes of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan chastised the housemates for their terrible behavior and vulgar language. Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, Rubina Dilaik, and Abhinav Shukla were all chastised for blurring limits for the sake of amusement. We thought the Bharat star went too far with his comments, so we held a poll to see if the audience agreed. The results are in, and it appears that Salman Khan went too far in his schooling of the housemates, with 65 percent voting yes. Check more information about Bigg Boss 15 All Episodes.

On social media, several fans have claimed that the Radhe actor favors some contenders over others. Salman Khan was recently scolded by Gautam Hegde, a Bollywood journalist, for backing Rakhi Sawant when she tugged the strings on Abhinav's shorts. The writer wrote on Instagram, "This weekend was undoubtedly the worst episode of Bigg Boss." I could understand why they tried to minimize something as serious as abuse by making the subject sound like someone seeking attention, and worse, they wanted to persuade him that his antics were noticed to the viewer as a result of his antics.”

After Rakhi Sawant arrived and began her pranks, “everyone was amused because they got to witness an uncomfortable humorous side of Abhinav,” he claimed. However, Rakhi, who was seen on telecast wanting to slit her wrist because she likes Abhinav, discussing with Phogat how she wants to share Abhinav with Rubina, who came with Abhinav's name scribbled all over her body, and even after being warned, trying to cross a line before pulling the strings of his shorts, and SALMAN KHAN's opinion was that it's all in good fun and coming acrobatically Please accept my apologies. Will a guy writing a girl's name just above his underwear line, expressing his love for her and attempting to remove her bra strap be considered harmless entertainment?”

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